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Ocana book cover


This is the story of Luis Ocaña, the champion cyclist whose entire career constantly veered between heroism and tragedy, always missing out the middle way. Born into abject poverty during Spain’s ‘years of hunger’ and brought up in France, throughout his adult life he suffered from the effects of his childhood malnutrition and the perpetual question of self-identity – the common lot of the exile – Spanish or French or neither one nor the other? Enigmatic and contradictory, Ocaña was driven by a fierce pride, and an all-or-nothing scorn for caution and careful calculation which made him one of the most dramatically exciting riders ever.

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Corinthian Endeavour book cover

A Corinthian Endeavour

Every year on the last weekend of October the death knell of the cycling season is sounded by the National Hill Climb Championship. It’s been won by luminaries like Brian Robinson, Chris Boardman and Malcolm Elliott, and yet the story of the championship is one of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, of amateur cyclists prevailing against the professionals. It’s a tale of obsession, pain and asceticism – the key elements in the fight against the insidious grasp of gravity.

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The Norwich Wheelchair Murders

The Norwich Wheelchair Murders

Bobby Fishbaum makes a fatal mistake when he rats out the Russian mob that is muscling in on his family's phoney designer clothes racket in Los Angeles. Now on the run, he and his five-year-old daughter finally touch down in Norwich, a seemingly safe, low-profile English backwater, tucked well under the pursuing gangsters' radar. All goes well until one evening he is accosted by Ben Castle, a drunk in a wheelchair, who rants on at him about disabled people being bumped off. The next morning Castle's body is fished out of the river, the cops turn up at his house, and his new life suddenly becomes a lot less low-profile and a lot less safe.

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