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This is the story of Luis Ocaña, the champion cyclist whose entire career constantly veered between heroism and tragedy, always missing out the middle way. Born into abject poverty during Spain’s ‘years of hunger’ and brought up in France, throughout his adult life he suffered from the effects of his childhood malnutrition and the perpetual question of self-identity – the common lot of the exile – Spanish or French or neither one nor the other? Enigmatic and contradictory, Ocaña was driven by a fierce pride, and an all-or-nothing scorn for caution and careful calculation which made him one of the most dramatically exciting riders ever.

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I Like Alf: 14 lessons from the life of Alf Engers

This is the story of Alf Engers and the pursuit of speed, set against a backdrop of cycling clubs, shop-owners, frame-builders, riders, racers, team managers and officials. It loops from the Paddington Track to the Skol Six, Herne Hill to the National Road Race Championships and from Boroughbridge to Barnet, in and out of time […]

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Harbert’s News from Dumpton

Maurice Woods was one of the most distinguished journalists of his era. After serving his apprenticeship on local newspapers, he was recruited to the Manchester Guardian, only to be lured back to Norfolk to become London editor of the Eastern Daily Press. During his 15 years there he served as chairman of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and of the British section of the European Association of European Journalists. He enjoyed a reputation that saw him awarded the European Prize for Journalism.

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It was not every young man who got to do his National Service aboard one of the Royal Navy’s most iconic warships, such as HMS ILLUSTRIOUS. David Woodward, however, was determined he would be among those who did, and made that ambition sufficiently clear so as to be invited to join the Fleet Air Arm. […]

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