Ken and Maureen Nichols
317pp plus appendices

ISBN: 1-978-874739-58-6
Our Price: £11.99


Mud, Sweat and Gears

A History of the British Cyclo-Cross Association

Cyclo-Cross is a fast, exciting, colourful and energy sapping sport, with races taking place over every type of terrain in all weather conditions.

Where and when did it emerge as a recognised sport and who were the early champions?

When was the British Cyclo-Cross Association formed and who were the men and women that made the rules and organised the sport in Great Britain?

Who were the early champions and who were the greatest multi-champions?

How did British riders perform on the International scene and what is the history of classic races such as The Three Peaks?

This book endeavours to answer these, and many other questions about the British Cyclo-Cross Association, highlighting all its problems and successes until 2001, when cyclo-cross was brought under the wing of British Cycling.


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