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Brian Robinson: Pioneer

Brian Robinson, the first Englishman ever to complete the Tour de France, went on to make a career as a professional cyclist in what is generally regarded as one of the toughest eras in a very tough sport. He adapted to French life, the continental style of racing and the taxing demands of a long season with clear-headed tenacity. For all the British riders who later followed him to Europe – and there have not been many since his days as a lone coureur anglais, still a comparatively rare breed – he was, without dispute, the great pioneer.

‘Brian Robinson stood out in the English team of the 1955 Tour. He rode with such strength and elegance. The following year, I was in a break of three with him and that’s when, at first hand, I came to admire his power and attacking spirit. I count him a great friend, for his gracious manner, his openness and his altogether British resilience. He is a gentleman.’
André Darrigade

‘I recall his career, the first Englishman to win prestigious victories in France and, forging a closer relationship with him since then, I can speak of a man who is utterly dependable, always of good humour for whom friendship is above price.’
Raymond Poulidor

‘Robbo broke the mould. We knew after his achievements that it was possible, that it could be done.’
Barry Hoban

‘He showed us how to stand up to the top continentals, how to out-climb them, how to stay cool and, above all, how to win and beat the best in the world.’
Vin Denson

‘When I had my first contract, the directeur Geminiani, regaled us with countless stories of ‘the Eeenglish’ which was Brian Robinson – he’d obviously made a huge impression. Pity I can’t remember any of the stories.’
Paul Sherwen

‘Brian was too often nice and generous, however, underneath he was certainly a tough cyclist from Yorkshire and the first British rider to beat the continental riders at their own game.’
Phil Liggett, MBE


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