David Woodward and Colin Baker
(inc 24pp b/w photographs)
210mm x 148mm

ISBN: 978-1-874739-63-0
Our Price: £11.95


Beccles Schooldays: 1930–1948 Recollections and Reflections

In these linked autobiographies, David Woodward and Colin Baker recall their early life as schoolboys in Beccles in the 1930s and 1940s. Their separate reflections paint a picture of family, town and school life, and of some of the people, often unusual ‘characters’, and fellow pupils they came across. Although they frequently write about the same incidents and people, they view them from different perspectives. Their family backgrounds were different: they lived in different parts of the town with different neighbours, and attended different churches, and while one left school after taking the School Certificate, the other stayed on into the sixth form to take the Higher School Certificate.

This book is as much a social history as it is the personal history of two Suffolk schoolboys. The authors write not simply about themselves, but set the recollections of their schooldays in the context of the changing society in which they lived and all the worries and its fears provoked by the Second World War.


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