Tim Hilton
88pp, 49 b/w images
ISBN 1874739277

ISBN-13: 978-1874739272
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Wheels Along the Waveney: A history of the Godric Cycling Club, 1953–2003

Here is the story of the Godric Cycling Club. It was founded in 1953 by two idealists, George and Daphne King, who were soon joined by a group of enthusiastic teenagers. Based in the small and ancient town of Bungay, the club took delight in the exploration of the Waveney region while its racing members soon began to challenge for the high honours of cycle sport. This book explains how the Godric C.C. quickly became the most admired cycling club in East Anglia. It describes the varied fortunes of the club, its mixture of tradition and innovation, its unparalleled work for charity, and its place in the life and leisure of the Waveney Valley.

Tim Hilton is the author of numerous books on art and literature, including his definitive biography of Ruskin. He has been a cyclist for 50 years and a member of the Godric Cycling Club since 1994. He is the author of the recently published and highly acclaimed book about his own cycling background, One More Kilometre and We’re in the Showers.


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