Joyce Dunbar with illustrations by Lys Flowerday
ISBN 1874739358

ISBN-13: 978-1874739357
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Voices and Visions: A Celebration of Norwich Market

For almost a thousand years the Market has been the hub of Norwich. Vivid and full of character it has fed the imagination of the citizens of the city as much as it has provided them with food and clothing. It is one of the city’s most precious public possessions, and its striking image of multi-coloured canvas awnings has long been the city’s dominant visual motif. In Voices and Visions Joyce Dunbar and an assorted company of shoppers, traders and citizens of Norwich celebrate that vivacity.

An internationally acclaimed author of many Children’s books, Joyce Dunbar was appointed ‘Writer in Residence’ on Norwich Market as part of the Millennium Year of the Artist: this book is the product of that time. From scores of conversations and over-heard snippets, interwoven into her own narrative, she has tapped into the voice of the people of the city. This is what the Market means to them, and what it means for Norwich. With numerous fascinating illustrations by Norwich artist, Lys Flowerday, and supplemented by the work of local photographers, Voices and Visions stands as a model of how a ‘residency’ can enable a community to articulate a sense of its own identity and define the unique and enduring personality of a place.


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